High voltage DC components are essential for electric vehicles. In all types of e-vehicles, e-buses and e-trucks, these high-voltage DC relays are critical. In most cases, the pre-charge relay and the main contactor are part of the battery disconnect unit (BDU), protecting the electronics and ensuring safety.

All-electric vehicles (EVs)


HVDC Relays in Electric VehiclesHVDC Relays in Electric Vehicles (HCF Series)

HVDC relays are already in use in the electric vehicle market. They are now mass-produced to meet the needs of well-known global automotive manufacturers who have built up trust in Hecheng’s products. The high-voltage DC relay, applied to electric vehicles, is installed between the vehicle battery and the inverter to cut off the DC power for charging and discharging the battery. It is also used between the external charger and the vehicle battery.The products applied are General Electric Relay (HCF) series with rated voltage of 450V,800V,1000V and 1500V DC and rated current of 40A~400A.

EV Switching Application

As the vehicle battery capacity increases, the rated voltage increases and the external charging expands. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the increase of DC relay voltage and the opening/closing of contact points.

The HC-F series is rated at DC 800-1500 V, 4010 A ~ 400 A. The HCF400 can be used to check contact opening/closing by monitoring the auxiliary contacts. These products are UL, IEC,CUL,TUV,CE and CCCcertified.

The HCF400 is rated at 1500 VDC, 400 A with one auxiliary contact. Both are UL and IEC approved. In addition, an advantage is that this series can be used for systems with bidirectional blocking, such as reverse blocking or charging/discharging of the system, by applying a bidirectional magnet interrupter structure.

As the global trend of renewable energy continues to expand, the demand for Hecheng HVDC relays is expected to grow exponentially. Fast chargers for electric vehicles convert AC to DC to supply power to the vehicle, while high-voltage DC relays are used to supply and disconnect power. eSS is a system that stores power and uses HVDC relays between the battery and PCS. HVDC relays are used to turn on/off solar modules in photovoltaic systems.

Based on its achievements in DC 400V electric vehicles, Hecheng will continue to commercialize HVDC relays to DC 1000V and DC 1500V for electric vehicles and chargers, and will continue to be a pioneer in the renewable energy market.

Relay products manufactured by Hecheng Electric Company have been maturely used in electric vehicle components. As follows:

Relay for rapid charging: HCF 100/150/200/250

Relay for general charging: HCF 20/40

Pre-charge relay: HCF 10/20/40

Main relay: HCF 150/200/250/300

Relay for high voltage electrical system auxiliary: HCF 20/40/60